We make things happen.

SmartLife Technologies was founded by a group of experts with a shared vision and passion to collect and combine the best content with smart devices to make consumers’ lives easy.

SmartLife Technologies is where client’s problems and needs meet sustained thinking to deliver innovative solutions. We develop software and applications for a diverse range of industries using the latest techniques. Although our solutions run on all platforms and all types of hardware we specialise in smart devices. We know that smart devices are the best way to deploy and interact with our ideas and our clients’ products.

SmartLife Technologies is home to a range of industry leading and successful products. POIDB and Pack2Go are two of our standout products. Our passion for community based content and geospatial technology has been married through both these products.


With over 1,000,000 unique visitors per year, 300,000 points of interest, 800 special interest groups and 6000 members POIDB.com is Australia’s largest community sourced geospatial repository.

Points of Interest include anything from parks to fishing spots, to retail shops to accommodation providers.

POIDB.com provides geospatial data to GPS companies, mobile developers, mapping companies, realestate websites and news companies.

We are continually developing different interfaces for this powerful database so clients can interact with it and add information to it. As the content grows the analysis of information and delivery of useful content grows.

Our focus for POIDB is to have the largest, verified data resource in the country. We will use that data to feed smart apps and empower our community of users. As the applications are used we will feed data back to our clients. The data we can provide clients is a powerful tool for any future focused business. That data includes, predictive analisys, targeted couponing, content, feedback, live reviews etc.


Pack2Go is a mobile development company for geospatial content. Specialising in destination application development, Pack2Go partners with destination authorities to build mobile destination guides.

Pack2Go has apps for Bourke, Sydney Hills, Hawkesbury, Kiama, Shellharbour, Shoalhaven, Eurobodalla and Sapphire either live or in development.

The Pack2Go app is a continually improving product as the content grows we are developing new and exciting ways to interact with it.

Our Values

Integrity and Transparency

SmartLife Technologies cannot engage successfully with clients if it does not have a reputation for impeccable integrity and transparency. We assure our clients any commercial secrets, planned activity and intellectual property is completely safeguarded when working in partnership with us.


The best ideas and execution dramatically improves a client’s ability to win. Therefore the quality of our work must be second-to-none. Quality is essential in any product to promote qualities of value, accuracy and leadership. The quality of planning processes and production is essential in any programme.

Content is king

Content is the most important component in any user experience. SmartLife Technologies believes to communicate messages the viewer must be engaged by giving them something of value. Whilst engaged a brand or message can be communicated in a way and consumed so that the information stays connected with the viewer. Exceptional content and experiences get passed on.


To deliver the best ideas, content and communicate in the most deeply engaging way, SmartLife Technologies commits to delivering on its core values of creativity by providing the most creative solutions, from original insight, to idea, to design and production to delivery.