Data Services

About our POI data

The POI Dataset is a digital representation of the physical geographic and commercial features across all of Australia. This dataset aims to provide accurate location and contact information for GIS / Mapping applications.

The key features of our Dataset:

  • Over 300,000 Points of Interest across Australia.
  • POI Data has a lattitude and longitude address.
  • Over 300 individual categories.
  • POI Data is crowd sourced by members using local knowledge.
  • Dataset can be limited to geographical area or category.
  • POI data can be downloaded from a weekly interval.

How Points of Interest can be used?

The POI Dataset has many applications, from use within Personal Navigation Devices (PND), situational aware Smartphone software, websites with geographical information to GIS applications for business intelligence.

So how much does it cost?

Licencing costs are variable and based on the volume of Points of Interest required which could be limited by category or region. Contact us to get an estimation of cost.